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Process Automation

Safety Barrier and Isolator

HollySys’ intrinsically safe barrier and isolator adheres to HollySys’ tradition of constant pursuit for excellence for its automation control systems. It is easy to use, stable, and reliable, earning it industry recognition. The AM1000 series is a general isolation safety barrier, which uses electromagnetic coupling technology to effectively isolate power sources, signal inputs, and signal outputs, and is compatible with all our intrinsic safety field instruments, suitable for zero-zone dangerous locations. AMG1000 series intrinsic safety isolated barriers are connected to electrical devices between the industrial field instruments and control room. It isolates power sources, inputs, and outputs, and effectively addresses field interference issues faced by industrial automation control system, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the system.

AM1000EX Series Isolation Barrier
  • Switch input: AM1011EX, AM1012EX
  • Switch output: AM1021EX, AM1022EX
  • Analogue input: AM1031EX, AM1032EX
  • Analogue output: AM1041EX
  • RTD (resistance temperature detector) / thermocouple / millivolt signal input: AM1051EX, AM1061EX
AMG1000 Series Signal Isolator
  • Analogue input: AMG1031
  • Analogue output: AMG1041
  • RTD (resistance temperature detector) / thermocouple / millivolt signal input: AMG1051D, AMG1051H