Factory Automation Products

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Capitalising on HollySys Group’s strong R&D capability, Beijing HollySys Automation and Drive Co., Ltd. has launched the LK large series programmable logic controllers that have been widely deployed in various industrial and civil applications. Thousands of sets of LK large PLC controller devices have successful applied in power, chemical, metallurgy, energy, transportation, water treatment, heating, natural gas, hydropower, coal, textile, food, papermaking, printing, pharmaceuticals, intelligent buildings, and air-conditioning refrigeration industry, printing machinery, building materials machinery, packaging machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery, mining equipment, environmental protection equipment, central air conditioning, gas power generation, constant pressure water supply, elevators, network monitoring, and other industries. PLC automation systems have also been applied in various production facilities and factories.

LKS is a safety control system developed by HollySys. LKS meets the requirements of system capability of safety integrity level SIL2 with large capacity, high availability, superior performance, fast response characteristics, can be widely used in rail transportation, petrochemical, fine chemical industry, oil and gas pipeline transmission, hospital safety equipment, rail vehicle maintenance station and enterprise ESD system. Control system is composed of the controller and the IO module to complete the functions of data acquisition, logic operation, action output, human-computer interaction and so on, so as to realize the security protection function.

LKS LARGE Series PLC LE Micro Series PLC LK Large Series PLC