Oil and Gas, Natural Gas

With increasingly demanding requirements for oil and gas projects and tighter production plants, the importance of engineering experience and specialised industry application solutions in these fields is paramount. HollySys always works out solutions with end users to handle challenges starting with pre-phase planning to the whole oil production process, providing application solutions to cover their client’s every need, helping clients simplify their processes, improve safety, reduce risks, reduce labor intensiveness and machine downtime costs, shortening the time of the client needs for obtaining crude oil. We can analyse and propose the correct sequence and procedures, ensuring that the client maximises its profits and returns in the shortest time possible.

HollySys has a team of experienced staff and a series of reliable and open solutions with a wide coverage that can help you reduce the overall project implementation risks and ensure attractive returns on investments.

Typical System Design

HOLLiAS MACS-SCADA is a multi-functional, flexible, and distributed integrated-monitoring, data acquisition, and data integration software package which uses an open-framework software system, and multiple-platform support mode. Every layer is uniquely designed, logic-related, and expandable, enabling the system’s openness to be readily expanded. In this design mode, the application design and engineering experience is reused, where the software has a modular structure, supports platform sharing, and component reusing. This software incorporates the HollySys’ professional experience in the SCADA field and needs of clients, especially high-end leading industry clients like the China Railway Corporation. Continuous improvements have been made during the last decade to make this into a leading standard in the Chinese SCADA industry.

Key Technologies
  • Safety failure-tolerant computer
  • Safety and reliable industrial Ethernet
  • Open client / server framework
  • Flexible and stable system framework
  • Fieldbus technology
  • Industrial real-time operating system
  • Control programing language that complies with international standards

Large Real-time Database
  • Object-oriented distributed database
  • Object-oriented human-machine interface
  • Embedded low-power industrial controllers
  • Distributed industrial I/O
  • Failure safety driver device.
  • Safety and reliable redundancy design structure
System Product Applications
  • Host SCADA system (HOLLiAS-SCADA)
  • Data acquisition control (HOLLiAS-RTU)
  • Asset management system (HOLLiAS-AMS)
  • Real-time data management (HOLLiAS-Bridge)
Typical Performance List

Achievements in SCADA applications in oil & gas projects attributable to HollySys control systems

1 Bosan Station, Shengli Oilfield, Sinopec Bosan Station, Qiaokuai Crude Oil Processing Station, SCADA
2 Shicaiyi Plant, Jiangsu Oilfield, Sinopec Zhenwu Gas Station, Natural Gas Processing, SCADA
3 Haisheng Station, Shengli Oilfield, Sinopec Natural Gas Processing Station, SCADA
4 Light Hydrocarbon Plant, Shengli Oilfield, Sinopec Shikou Light Hydrocarbon Station, SCADA
5 Zhongyuan Oil & Gas Processing Plant, Sinopec Natural Gas Processing Station, SCADA
6 Xi’nan Oil and Gas-Field Branch, PetroChina Xi’nan Wanxing Station, SCADA
7 Chuanxibei Gas Field Light Hydrocarbon Plant, PetroChina Jiangyou Light Hydrocarbon Processing Plant, DCS
8 Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau, PetroChina Oil and Gas Processing, SCADA + MES
9 Xi’nan Oil and Gas-Field Wanxing Distribution Sub-station, PetroChina Xi’nan Oilfield, Wanxing Distribution Sub-station, SCADA system
10 Chuanxibei Natural Gas Purification Plant, PetroChina Chuanxibei Natural Gas Purification Plant, SCADA + RTU system
11 Zhejiang Province Natural Gas Control Centre, China Hangzhou – Huzhou Pipeline Station Control, Nanmen Station Control System, SCADA+RTU
12 Hangzhou – Ningbo Natural Gas Pipeline, Zhejiang Province, China Hangzhou – Ningbo Natural Gas Pipeline, SCADA System 
13 Zhejiang Hangmo – Changxing First station, Zhejiang Province, China Natural Gas Pipeline, SCADA System
14 Shaoxing Natural Gas, Zhejiang Province, China Shaoxing Natural Gas Pipeline, SCADA System
15 West-East Gas Pipeline, China West-East Gas Pipeline, Yu’nan sub-pipeline, SCADA System
16 Xinyu, Jiangxi, China Jiangxi Xinyu Natural Gas Pipeline Network, SCADA System
Control Solutions of Key Sub-system
  • Wellhead control:
    Compressor control, pump device controls, gas lift control, and injection control
  • Booster station control
  • Compressor control
  • Processing plant control:
    Gas-liquid separation control, glycol dehydration control, and public works
  • LNG processes:
    Desulfurisation unit, CO2removal device, dehydration unit, mercury removal unit, gas compressor unit, fractionation unit, refrigeration unit, propane compressor unit, MR compressor unit, liquefaction plant, public works (N2 devices, power generation, water treatment, boiler etc.), and shipment loading control
  • Regasification process:
    Rack-mounted distiller control, boiling water distiller control, compressor control, re-condenser control, HP LP reflux pump control, transmission control, LNG storage tank control, level and temperature and density monitoring, LNG unloading, and flaring system