Enterprise Rail Control and Management System

In 1999, HollySys entered the rail transport signalling and transportation automation industry. In 2003, as the CTCS (China Train Control System) system of the China Railway Corporation (CRC) took off, HollySys became fully involved in the formulation of standards for the train operation control system, and the independent research, development, and implementation of equipment. HollySys completed the relevant technology reserves, and achieved much success during that decade. Currently, many of the company’s products obtained the SIL4 (Safety Integrity Level 4) accreditation.

HollySys provides design and consulting, project contracting, product development, systems integration and engineering services business for communications, signalling, data networks, and automation control systems, providing users with a full-scope of integrated and optimised technical solutions in railway transport control and management.

Onboard Train Control System

Ground Train Control System